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The professionalism displayed by the waste removal crew was outstanding.

  • Belinda Danby

My experience with them has been consistently positive - which speaks volumes about their dedication to providing excellent service.

  • Laverne E.

These guys exceeded my expectations with their efficient and professional garden cleaning service at a very reasonable price.

  • Leo and family

The team showed up driving a massive vehicle, all dressed uniformly.Courteous and hard-working, they completed the job efficiently.

  • Colleen Andrews

We couldn't have asked for a better experience thanks to this phenomenal team! Their punctuality and willingness to help made everything run smoothly.

  • Carolina T.

With user-friendliness as its strong suit along with great communication throughout and successfully completing the collection without any problems - muchas gracias!

  • Tammy Goodwin

Their dedication and positivity made all the difference in my experience with them.

  • Patricia Walsh

It was truly refreshing to see how considerate and skilled the waste management team was. They handled the task of removing unwieldy objects with great ease, including a grand piano.

  • Mary W.

This rubbish removal team truly went above and beyond my expectations - they were responsive on the phone and didn't let a little rain get in the way of providing exceptional service.

  • Khloe Y.

By contacting them at 10am last Tuesday, we were able to quickly schedule a pick-up for Thursday without any hassle.

  • Aileen M.

The house clearance performed by the team was superb - they epitomized speed, tidiness and professionalism, all at a great price!

  • Courtney Wharton

This was actually my second venture with this company - just as great as the last one if not even better! As expected, they showed up right on time despite the tight scheduling; friendly yet professional throughout- simply perfect!

  • Robert M.

Every aspect of my interaction with Junk Removal Sevices was an absolute pleasure. Kindness and politeness were found all throughout their communication, and their team was incredibly efficient and dependable. Their focus was on the task at hand and not the environment.

  • William J.

I am delighted with Junk Collection Company, they do great work and are reasonably priced.

  • Elton

I'm overjoyed by the quality of service provided by Rubbish Removal Finchley. They managed to come out and clear our junk that same day! Will definitely use them again.

  • G. Bryan

Pleased with Rubbish Disposal Service and their prompt service. I gave them a ring last Friday and by Monday morning, every scrap of trash was gone from our garden.

  • Gareth A

When something goes wrong, it's all too easy to write a scathing review but in my mind it's even easier to write one when things come together perfectly! Waste Clearance was very helpful from start to finish, from the Thursday morning phone call to the Friday afternoon rubbish pick-up everything went smoothly. The staff were very polite, and I was very pleasantly surprised with the low cost of the service as a whole. Great work, fellas!

  • Francis York

If you need someone who can handle your rubbish clearance, then that someone is Rubbish Removal Finchley. This firm made my life easy when they collected all of my junk and clutter and disposed of it for me. They made a difficult chore easy and got it done quickly.

  • Adrian S.

I've had bad experiences with rubbish removal companies in the past: sure, they've cleared away the rubbish but they left a lot of mess and even damaged the walls in my house in the process. That's why I decided to call RubbishRemovalFinchley. After my previous bad experiences, they were a breath of fresh air and everyone I spoke to was very polite and friendly. There were no dramas at any stage of the process, they removed everything I asked them to and even cleared away all the little bits of rubbish at the end.

  • Sophie Westbrook

There are many difficult jobs Finchley Rubbish Collectors can help you with, but it was their attic clearance service that impressed me the most. Their staff were able to carry and remove all the junk from my attic in a short time, without any problems occurring. They worked with me so that the job went well and that they would only take my unwanted items. They left with my clutter, taking it away to be disposed. They made the job easier than I could imagine, and safer too. If you want your attic cleared, then they are the people to contact.

  • Mia Slattery

I was happy with the clearance company I used to take away the building rubbish I created when constructing a new patio. There was a lot of building materials from cement, brick, wood and metal that I need to dispose of and I knew I would need the professionals to deal with it. Rubbish Disposal Service were fast and efficient and soon got rid of all of the building waste. It was a fast service and the cost was fair too. I would certainly use them again as they offer a number of clearance services.

  • Julie Cooper

I still haven't forgotten what took place when I called Waste Clearance and hired their furniture removal service. I was staggered by the speed at which they worked and they knew exactly what to do with all my old large and heavy items of furniture that I wanted to get rid of. A truly terrific service, with an excellent customer service team to match! I really don't have any complaints!

  • Verity

When I hired Junk Removal Sevices to clear my basement I didn't expect to see such fast and effective results. The workers were very dedicated, and I really appreciated their commitment to my home. The job was completed in no time, and to a very high standard that can't be faulted. I have no complaints about this company or their friendly staff, and would definitely use them again in the future!

  • Benjamin H.

RubbishRemovalFinchley stands out among their competitors as they provide the most extensive as well as professional rubbish clearance service. The best bit is that their services are available at an affordable price. When I hired them for the first time, I was a bit sceptical but after watching their trained staff clear all kinds of junk, I was completely satisfied. They know what they are doing and are brilliant at what they do. They ensure that everything is done according to the customer's wish and leave no stone unturned while fulfilling customer demands. I had a wonderful experience with them and I will surely recommend them to anyone in search of a quality junk clearance service.

  • Ms Katie P.

I was pleased with the work done by Rubbish Removal Finchley when I was having a clear out. I had found tons of old rubbish, and then because I was also having some decorating done and buying new furnishings, my old stuff was going! All of my old bulky items and small bits were loaded onto the truck and gone before I knew it. An inexpensive service that saved a lot of hassle!

  • Lisa Bridges